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B1 BA Aliminum Heads
  • Model: BRO3180000
  • Manufactured by: Brodix
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  • Category: Bare heads

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The small block B1 BA cylinder head for the A-Motor engine features a 195 cc intake port volume and a 65 cc combustion chamber. The valve sizes are 2.080 intake and 1.600 exhaust. This head has a standard 18° valve angle. The 195 cc intake port makes this head useable for many applications such as Pro Street, oval track, and drag racing. Standard exhaust headers, intake manifolds, and valve covers may be used. A relocated spark plug, along with improved port and combustion chamber design, provides excellent performance gains over any other Mopar heads. If using an R Block that oils through the pushrods, small block Chevrolet rockers may be used. Special guide plates may have to be fabricated to use the Chevrolet rockers. If using a standard 340 or 360 block, standard adjustable Chrysler rocker arms may be used with special B1 stands. Some stock manifolds may require milling.